Tested and approved by the best enduro riders 

Any sports equipment that aims for excellence has to pass the test of high level competition. Nock handguards are no exception.

The handguards have proven their effectiveness in the most demanding enduro mountain bike races, including the Enduro World Series.


In a discipline where every second of the race, a breakage or injury can jeopardize the race or even the whole season, Nock handguards offer extra protection for hands and levers that can be decisive.

That's why many of the world's most talented riders use Nock handguards in competition and training.

Their feedback from the field is essential to validate our choices and identify areas for improvement.

Jesse Melamed
Jack Moir
Alex Rudeau
Christian Textor
Evan Wall
Raphaela Richter
Zakarias Johansen
Max Pfeil
Leopold Barich
Tom Wilson
Laura Zeitschel
Jonna Johnsen
Oliwer Kangas
Tristan Botteram
Barbora Prudkova
Bruno Jimenez Andreus
Borja Perez Esteban