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Don't let a scratch ruin your suspension

Remove the burr

Mix it up

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Scratch Cover

Scratch Cover is the only DIY kit that allows you to remove any scratch on any stanchion: fork, air shock or dropper post.

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Developed specifically by SENDHIT for mountain biking, the Scratch Cover © fork stanchion scratch repair kit, restores the fork stanchion’s smooth appearance and thus keeps your suspension working properly.

Every kit includes everything for 5 repairs:

  • 1 file to remove the burr
  • 5 ml bottle of resin and 3 ml bottle of hardener
  • 5 mixer tubes
  • 5 pipettes
  • 5 cleaning wipes
  • 1 sanding wedge
  • 10 sandpaper tabs
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 polishing paste
  • Operating instructions in 6 languages (EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, PO).

Works for all stanchions

Scratch Cover can be used on all the stanchions : Fork, dropper post, rear air shock. Tools and process are similar for all of them.

Works for all stanchions

Available in 2 colors

Scratch Cover is available in black or transparent resin.
Unfortunately no gold version exists for the moment.

Available in 2 colors

Why using Scratch Cover?

Although the last few generations of forks have mostly closed cartridges, a scratched fork stanchion may end up wearing out sooner.
The impact will have caused the structure to move, with a bump on the surface1 and a hollow inside2.

You run the risk of quickly ruining your suspension by:

  • Creating friction with each compression/rebound
  • The seals scraping against the bump
  • Getting dirt inside the fork lowers

This in turn can have unpleasant consequences:

  • Poor performance
  • Expensive repairs
  • Suspension value decrease

PLEASE NOTE: This product is only designed to repair surface scratches. If your plunger is bent, please contact your seller’s after sales service and do not use your fork under any circumstances.
Why using Scratch Cover?

How does it work?

The Scratch Cover © fork stanchion scratch repair kit includes all the accessories you need to repair your fork stanchion without any other tools, and whether you are at home or on the go (travelling or during competitions).

The repair is carried out in 4 stages:

What aesthetic result to expect?

Because no two scratches are alike, no two results are equivalent.

The priority of Scratch Cover is to make the stanchion smooth again to prolong the operation of the fork.

The aesthetic result is more random, it will largely depend on the depth of the scratches: the deeper a scratch, the easier it is to fill it with resin, the more the scratch is on the surface, the more difficult it will be to conceal it because the black coating is extremely thin.

In most cases, Scratch Cover will not make your stanchion like brand new.

What aesthetic result to expect?


"The result is a stanchion mechanically returned to as good as new"


"Functionally the result is excellent and that is the main thing"


"The result is surprisingly good ... Definitively worth the forty euros"


“A must have for any good enthusiast's workshop”



To repair your fork stanchion, you only need a cloth, some chain oil and a little water.
Obviously it is easier to disassemble the faulty part so you can work on it more easily.

Play the video to follow the repair steps:


Why does it take 6 to 8 hours to dry?

We use a high strength epoxy resin. This resin is a thermosetting liquid polymer. Its drying time can vary from 6 to 8 hours depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Make sure to mix the 2 liquids for at least 3 minutes, this step is key so that the resin dries completely within the announced time.

Shouldn't I replace my fork stanchion after a knock?

If it''s only a surface knock, you don''t need to replace the fork stanchion. The most important thing is to repair it as soon as you can after the knock so the seals don''t get damaged.

Is there a specific version for Kashima © coating stanchion?

There is currently no gold version for Kashima stanchions. We recommend using transparent resin.

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