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Tubeless Valves

Some tire sealants can clog the valve core nut when drying, Sendhit designed a cap to unscrew it easily.

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Tire sealand can clogg the valve core nut

Riding tubeless wheels involves using tire sealant to prevent puncture. Over time, some tire sealants are housed and harden in the threading of the valve core. It then becomes very difficult to unscrew the valve core nut with the fingers or without unscrewing the whole valve core and that can be very annoying.

Sendhit has developped a specific cap that helps to unscrew the valve core nut when clogged with tire sealant. It complements the classic valve core remover cap.

Tire sealand can clogg the valve core nut

Key features

The Sendhit tubeless valves come with all the top notch features:

  • Fully 6061 Aluminum machined and anodized valve stems and caps
  • Compatible with tire inserts thanks to horizontal air flow
  • 44 mm length, tapered for all tubeless ready rims, fit rims up to 30 mm deep
  • Robust durable high-end seals
  • Light weight : 13 gr the pair of valves and caps
  • 4 mm hex key slot for easy installation/removal
  • 6 colors to match your bike: Black, red, blue, yellow, orange and green.
Key features

Tire insert compatible and easy to install

In addition to the central hole, the tubeless valve has 4 side holes on its base to allow air and preventive fluid to pass through without problems despite the presence of an insert.

The use of a 4 mm Hex key ensures quick assembly and disassembly.

Tire insert compatible and easy to install

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