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The most protective MTB handguards on the market, used by some of the toughest EWS riders.
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Introducing the Nock V2 handguards 



Why we designed the Nock handguards?

Initially, MTB handguards were designed to protect hands from brambles and wild vegetation and thus prevent damage to hands and gloves.

Soon, we thought that handguards should be able to do much more. How about handguards that can also protect your fingers and levers in the event of a hard impact? How about a little more forgiveness when you're riding to your limits?

We designed the Nock with the ambition to offer the most protective handguards on the market.


Used and abused by some of the best enduro riders the last 2 seasons, they have proven their effectiveness in the most demanding enduro mountain bike races, including the Enduro World Series.

You may not ride as fast as they do but Nock handguards are a smart addition to your cockpit if you ride in the following conditions:

    • Wild vegetation and brambles
    • Narrow tracks with lots of trees
    • Enduro and downhill competition
    • Winter riding and training (hand protection against rain, snow and wind)
    • Riding without gloves

What makes Nock handguards different?

 Nock handguards have several exclusive features that give them optimal protection and fit:



Simplicity and reliability

Because handguards are particularly exposed during crashes, we have focused on a simple and effective design to ensure their reliability and durability in all conditions: 

  • The Flip chip part provides a larger contact area between the bracket and the shield for increased rigidity.
  • The shield deforms differently according to the impact zone and absorbs its energy rather than transferring it to the bracket.
  • The 28 mm Nyloc screws securely fix the whole.

Their reliability and efficiency have been tested throughout the 2022 EWS championship by some of the world's best riders.


NEW ! Design your own decals

You like to be different ? You run for a team ? Or you just want to pimp your bike ?
We got this. We partner with Slicy Products, one of the leading companies in bike customization. You design online your own graphic and order your custom decals for the Nock V2 handguards.
Learn more by clicking on the link below.

  • Lightweight : only 168 gr per pair
  • Aluminum bracket with variable thickness for maximum rigidity
  • Unbreakable guards with optimized ratio between rigidity (protect the hand) and flex (handle impact without breaking)
  • Exclusive flip chip offering 2 lateral and 2 frontal positions for an optimal adjustment
  • Exclusive high absorption impact foam inside the shield to protect the hand in case of impact
  • Only uses 10 mm of handlebar space
  • Does not interfere with shifter or dropper lever
  • Compatible with all brakes levers and optimized for Shimano levers 
  • Thick decals to protect shields and brackets
  • Used by top enduro pilots of the toughest competitions such as the Enduro World Series 

“Are Sendhit’s Nock V2 handguards your pinkie’s guardian angel? We say yes!”

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“Tough to complain. Great coverage, protection, and adjustment in a simple and easy-to-use package. Perhaps the best guards on the market.”

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“How did the guards do, and do we like them? They did very well and yes. ”

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“It's clear these are effective protection for your hands while riding a mountain bike.”

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“For friends of narrow and overgrown trails, the Sendhit Nock handguards should be an effective aid.”

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“If you need to keep summer foliage out of your bars or like to take a sporty line or two during a race, then you’d be hard pushed to go wrong with the Nock Handguards.”

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