About us

Sendhit's story

The creation of Sendhit is the result of 30 years of passion and practice of mountain biking, and of my experience of entrepreneurship.

Since 1993, I've seen and tested intensively most of the mtb mainstream technological evolutions but also face many classic problems.

On many occasions, I have anticipated new needs or identified unsatisfied needs, but running another company, I did not have the time to design and market innovative solutions.

In 2019, I created Sendhit and from the start, I have focused on taking a very pragmatic approach to product development - drawing on my own mountain biking experiences in over 25 countries around the world and real world needs to create unique and simply effective solutions.

The Scratch Cover kit is a perfect example of this philosophy: I have scratched my fork and shock stanchions several times and there was no solution to make a simple, economical and effective repair. I also noticed that there was no first aid kit specific to the needs of mountain bikers, nor a simple solution to unscrew the valve core nut clogged with tire sealant, why?

Today, Sendhit focuses on the development of handguards with the ambition of offering the best product. By evolving their function from a simple shield against wild vegetation to an effective hand protection, Sendhit handguards have earned their place on an enduro mountain bike or a VAE. Light, discreet and reliable, they provide an extra level of safety to release its full potential even more serenely.